Same Day Surgery

A service-centered design and open floor plan help care providers offer outstanding care to Same Day Surgery patients at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

When Bingham Memorial Hospital set out to build a new area for Same Day Surgery patients, the number one priority was to create a design that would serve patients and staff in the best way possible. The department spent months obtaining feedback from physicians, staff and patients, all while studying the latest trends in healthcare design.

Their hard work and research shows as you enter Bingham’s Same Day Surgery area. We have created an area that is focused on providing an exceptional patient experience. The area has an open floor plan that is centered around the nurse’s station. The 12 patient suites that face the station allow care providers to see, hear, and quickly address patient needs and wishes. Like a theater, our nurses and healthcare providers are placed on center stage and are keenly aware of their audience.

At any given moment, Bingham has two to three nurses in sight and ready to assist surgery patients. By placing care providers in a highly visible location, patients feel like they have a nurse in their room throughout the entire stay. Guests in the area comment that they never feel alone. This feeling of comfort and safety is important in the healing process and part of providing a quality Bingham experience.

The Same Day Surgery department is centrally located between the operating room, recovery room, pharmacy, and patient rooms. Patients are moments away from the operating room, and any other care they might need. Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals are able to conveniently communicate and coordinate patient care, and quickly respond in the case of an emergency.

The new suites are equipped with individual climate controls that allow patients to adjust the temperature. The walls are painted in warm and inviting hues of yellow and brown, with artwork which helps create an environment for patients that feels more like home.

If you are considering a medical procedure, it may be time for you to Experience Bingham. From the routine to the rare, no one can care for your individual medical needs better than Bingham.