Hospitalist Care

Bingham Memorial Hospital is committed to consistently delivering high-quality care. Among the many people helping us meet this goal are our Hospitalists. These doctors have knowledge, skill and specialize in working with patients who are hospitalized.

What can you expect from a hospitalist?

When you need medical treatment that requires a hospital stay, our team of hospitalists will care for you. A hospitalist is an internal medicine physician whose entire attention is focused on caring for patients while at the hospital. They work with the medical and hospital staff and ensure you receive the most appropriate care. Hospitalists coordinate with your primary care physician and surgical specialists (e.g. neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons). They are not your primary care physician.

Hospitalists at Bingham Memorial provide 24-hour, on-site patient care. They consult with your doctor before and after surgical procedures. They assist us in our delivery of safe, compassionate and high quality patient care. A hospitalist helps patients become more satisfied with their hospital stay by taking the time to answer questions and alleviate any concerns.

Hospitalist Services

Hospitalists provide many benefits to you and your physician. They are always available for emergencies, questions and patient concerns. They will assist you in a smooth and speedy recovery by consistently monitoring your treatment plan and making any necessary adjustments, including:

• Comprehensive review of your medical history, medications and special needs.
• Evaluation and treatment of your medical condition.
• Frequent updates sent to your physician.

Why choose bingham memorial?

• Physician services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Personalized medical treatment in partnership with your primary care doctor.
• More time for you and your family to speak with a doctor during your hospital stay.
• Improved care and communication with key hospital staff.
• Quicker response time in the case of an urgent medical situation.
• On-site physician to promptly answer your questions.

What to expect after your hospital visit

When you are discharged from the hospital, you will return to the care of your regular physician. Our hospitalists do not have an outpatient practice, so you will not schedule an appointment to see the hospitalist when you leave the hospital. It is important that you follow through with the discharge instructions you receive. It is essential that you make the necessary office appointments with your primary care physician.

Our hospitalists will help arrange your appointments with other physicians, and will even prescribe the medication you may need. You must contact your regular physician in order to refill your prescriptions. You may always contact the hospitalist after discharge if you have questions about your hospital stay.

Meet Our Hospitalist Care Providers

Shane Anderson, DO*

Hospitalist Care
(208) 785-3813