The Servant’s Heart Award – Second Quarter Winners – 2020

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Our quarterly Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care. 

Congratulations to our Second Quarter Servant’s Heart Recipients for 2020!

Medical Team

Brian Thomas, MD, Ear, Nose, & Throat

Nominated by Claudia Carrillo, Front Office Receptionist

“My son had a tonsillectomy, and a week after surgery he had complications. (He was one of those percentages that end up having some sort of complication.) As a result, we ended up in the ER at Bingham. Without any hesitation, Dr. Thomas went to see my son and evaluated him. (Dr. Thomas was not on call that morning, nor was he working as it was the day after Christmas.) My son ended up in the operating room (OR) that morning. Dr. Thomas had the OR team ready to go with in minutes, right from when we first arrived. I am beyond grateful he was angel in disguise that day.

“On behalf of my family and me, we thank Dr. Thomas so very much; no words can explain how grateful we are to him.”

Nursing Team Member

Cindy DeLoera, Certified Medical Assistant

Nominated by Alissa Godinez, Front Office Receptionist

“Cindy is the most heartwarming, compassionate person I have ever come across. Between balancing the daily patients, she calls patients regularly to make sure they are doing what is essential for their health. When a patient is not financially able to pay for their medications, and is emergent to their health, she just adds it to her own bill. That isn’t even half of what she does on a daily basis for our patients.

“Cindy is truly deserves the Servant’s Heart Award. She demonstrates beyond expectations as a CMA. I have never in my lifetime seen someone care so much for people. It’s a beautiful thing to witness every day. Cindy’s infectious smile and attitude brightens the room every day at 8 a.m. Even on the worst days, she never fails to show her compassion towards patient care with the brightest and most welcoming smile.

“Recently, we had a patient who couldn’t get in with one of our doctors, and we managed to get her in with another physician. Immediately after, Cindy called to make sure everything she needed was taken care of, and that she hoped she would get better. In the midst of our daily chaos, she still found time in her day to ensure our patient was okay, despite that we couldn’t see them.

“Cindy, thank you for all you do for us!” 

Support Team Member

Brian Osterman, Pharmacist

Nominated by Megan Broyles, Pharmacist

“Brian is incredibly passionate about pharmacy and the affects (good and bad) medications have on patients. He is a vigilant advocate for inpatient safety and care and teaches this vigilance as a preceptor to fourth-year pharmacy students. He is a valuable asset on codes and holds the pharmacy department, and his colleagues, to the highest of standards. I have seen him make numerous interventions on the patient’s behalf. I am continually impressed by his dedication to the profession and people he serves.”

All employees, regardless of where they work in our organization, are caregivers who play an important role in the healing miracles that occur each day. Thank you for all you do in providing compassionate and personalized care to every person you serve.

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