The Servant’s Heart Award – First Quarter Recipients – 2020

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Our quarterly Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care.

Congratulations to our First Quarter Servant’s Heart Recipients for 2020

Medical Team

Cortney Casper, MD, Ob-Gyn

Nominated by Kitty Baron, Front Office Receptionist, and Kaci Haven, Back Office Assistant

“Dr. Casper recently had a patient come in for an appointment accompanied by her young child. The patient then required an ultrasound. He checked in on the patient and realized her daughter was having a hard time in the ultrasound room. He asked the mother if he could take her out and care for her while they finished up. He got the little girl something to eat and watched her play in the waiting room.

“I’m sure this mom was very appreciative of a provider willing to go the extra mile for a patient.”

Nursing Team Member

Chelsey Howell, RN

Nominated by Michael Harris, Patient Experience Coordinator

“Chelsey purchased and brought in about 50 new children’s books so we could have something for pediatric patients to do when they lie in bed. These materials can also be made available to other children who may be visitors or who need some healthy activity/entertainment.”

Support Team Member

Kimberly Lowe, MT(ASCP), CCRC, Research Manager

Nominated by Amy Wuest, Manager of Grants and CME

“Recently, Kim was working with a patient who was unhappy with their implanted device. There were a number of challenges that Kim had to address in order to help this patient. Rather than send her patient home, she worked with staff from the surgery department and with industry representatives to help her patient immediately. The whole process took hours; Kim had to locate equipment, make many phone calls, and engage with staff from across Bingham to pull together all of the things needed to help her patient. At the end of the process, Kim was able to adjust the implanted device, which will improve the patient’s quality of life and will hopefully help the patient to keep the device comfortably implanted.

“I must also say that everyone in my office (GME, CME, Grants, and Foundation) all agreed that Kim went above and beyond for this patient (as she does so often!) and that she would be an ideal recipient of the Servant’s Heart.”

All employees, regardless of where they work in our organization, are caregivers who play an important role in the healing miracles that occur each day. Thank you for all you do in providing compassionate and personalized care to every person you serve.

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