Congratulations to Our 2021-22 Core Values Champions

Congratulations to Maria Cruz, Dr. Gary Ullery, Judy Aung, and Kami Jones for being nominated by your peers to represent Bingham Healthcare’s core values of accountability, compassion, innovation, and teamwork. We are proud to have you as part of the Bingham family!




Maria is honest, hardworking, compassionate, and is always willing to lend a hand. To achieve accountability, Maria always does what she says she is going to do as she works to serve our patients, team members, and community.

Maria has always been a team player. She takes pride in her work and she will work a double shift just to make sure things are done before she goes home. She is there to help no matter what department. If it’s doable, she does her best to accomplish it and she never complains about it. 

Anonymous quote: “I worked a housekeeping night shift with Maria. She was training me on how to do the job. After sweeping all the floors in the pediatric therapy building, I jokingly asked, ‘Hey! The floors already look pretty good, we can skip the mopping, right?’ Very seriously and with genuine concern, Maria said, ‘No! Kids play here. We clean it right for the kids.’

“I was overwhelmed with her sincere love for the patients we serve and know that she understands the vital role she plays in providing safe and sanitary spaces for care. Maria works alone most nights. No one would see if she occasionally skipped a corner, but she holds herself accountable to the highest standards in the work she does.”

Thank you, Maria, for continually being the model example of our core value: ACCOUNTABILITY.




Internal Medicine & Pediatrician 

Dr. Ullery is the epitome of what a physician should be. He goes above and beyond for every patient, employee, family, friend, and stranger—every single day. He starts his clinic days off with a prayer with his staff to ask for guidance to treat patients to the best of their ability, whether it is a spoken or unspoken concern from the patient or their family. He will spend as long as he needs on an appointment to connect and understand what a patient is saying, to address their concerns, and to make them feel valued and heard. (Even if he is behind on his schedule, he will not lessen his time with any patient.) He doesn’t consider anyone beneath him or less important.

He is generous to a fault with his time and exhibits love, kindness, patience, knowledge, and other wonderful traits. He has a great love of teaching and almost always has a student (whether it’s a resident, NP/PA student, CNA/CMA student, his own staff, the staff members that share the office space, or his patients and their families).

No question is considered “dumb” or insignificant. His time off is spent researching medical conditions, including the current pandemic and upcoming vaccines, as well as other conditions that his patients are facing. Every day he tries to find ways to improve and strengthen his clinic staff, their compassion, their efficiency, and their own health. He also continually works on ways to reach out and take care of patients. 

He has tremendous pride and joy in his clinic. He especially loves working with his pediatric patients. He says working with them gives him a “recharge” to provide him energy for the day. His favorite clinical “trick” is to blow up a blue glove into a balloon for the younger patients to play with. He loves helping patients smile and laugh. Nothing is better than sitting at the front desk and hearing his laugh coming all the way down the hall from his office or an exam room. He also encourages his staff to find the joy in working in our clinic and with each other.

Anonymous quote: “Dr. Ullery is honestly one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He inspires me daily. He has been incredibly patient and kind with me during my personal, professional, and health struggles. He has saved my life in a variety of ways and I never feel that I can express my gratitude or even simply thank him enough for his love and care. He is extremely deserving of this award, he lives its standards every day. He is truly what Bingham should aspire to be with its values and being a symbol of the community.”

Anonymous quote: “I wish I knew where to begin. If you could sit and be a fly on the wall for just one day, it simply would not be enough to see what an outstanding physician, mentor, father, and caregiver he is. He provides BEYOND exceptional care to his patients. In fact, he provides the highest quality of care most of us have ever witnessed. His compassion for patients aren’t on an 8-5 basis. He has cared for patients in their homes, late nights at the clinic, monitoring his newborns at Grove Creek, even when he isn’t on call. He cherishes and values his staff before himself. He is a natural born leader and is always willing to help, even when his plate is full. His kindness, sincerity, and the little miracles he brings into our lives motivate us to be better caregivers every day.”

Thank you, Dr. Ullery, for being a true example of our core value: COMPASSION.





Judy truly does a great job in everything she does as a nurse. She works towards the end of the week and does more admits than any nurse on our unit. This ensures that we can be staffed for the week. She makes everyone accountable for the job they do. She is compassionate and caring which makes her an excellent nurse. She makes the patient feel good and reminds them of their personal account. Judy is amazing!

Judy is a leader on the unit and seeks to find innovative and creative solutions to improve Bingham’s processes to ensure that she doesn’t miss anything. 

Thank you, Judy, for being a remarkable example of our core value: INNOVATION.




Infection Prevention & Employee Health 

Kami is fairly new to #TeamBingham, but in the time she jumped in the Bingham culture with both feet. Kami came on board and was basically handed the giant undertaking of tackling how to handle COVID-19 with our employees and then how to vaccinate them all. She has also been a huge part of helping Bingham vaccinate the entire county. She has rolled up her sleeves and figured everything out as it was thrown at her. She always has a smile on her face and a “can-do” attitude that is contagious and inspiring.

Kami displays teamwork because she always does what she says she is going to do and works seamlessly with others. She works tirelessly to serve our employees, patients, and community members. Kami truly represents what Bingham stands for and she delivers high-quality care with great compassion.

Thank you, Kami, for being such an incredible example of our core value: TEAMWORK.



As we see these exemplary individuals in the hall, may we each reflect upon our own actions and be reminded of what we stand for as an organization as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. To succeed in our important mission, we rely on one another as a diverse team of nearly 1,000 individuals—from physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, and food service workers to a dynamic housekeeping team, volunteers, administrators, and so much more—all of whom comprise the Bingham Healthcare family.